For decades, some USDA licensed breeding operations (puppy mills) have been subjected to unannounced inspections by the USDA. While this sounds like the USDA was protecting animals, unfortunately these inspections of cruel breeding operations were as infrequent as once every two years. Add to it, often times when inspectors did show up, breeders would refuse to cooperate or weren’t present to let inspectors in, allowing cruelty to go unchecked and animals to continue living in inhumane conditions and breeders to continue profiting.
As a “solution” to this, the USDA has come up with a pilot program that incorporates announced inspections for licensees, claiming that by giving certain USDA licensed breeders advanced notice of an inspection, compliance rates may increase, inspections may be more effective in securing more humane treatment of animals.
This is no solution and it will not ensure better living conditions for animals in these breeding facilities. In fact, it will do quite the opposite. Advanced notice will provide breeders with the opportunity to cover up animal welfare violations, by allowing them time to clean up and even hide or kill sick and suffering animals.  The USDA’s “solution”, in our view, would further support cruelty of these animals and continue to promote the complete disregard of the animal welfare standards.
Considering the history of the USDA’s continued failures where the welfare of animals is concerned, together with the department’s removal of animal welfare inspection records from its website and replacement with heavily redacted versions, this “solution” of providing advance notice of inspections appears to be more about protecting the breeders who profit from animals suffering, as opposed to safeguarding the animals which the USDA is charged with protecting. 
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