We are grateful for your interest in becoming a foster parent for Save-A-Pet. Foster parents play a very important role in helping our homeless animals, and with each pet we place into a foster home, we’re able to save even more lives.

Imagine how much you will help

  • A pet who is stressed at the shelter

  • A pet recover from a medical procedure

  • A momma and her puppies or kittens

Imagine what it will mean to a homeless pet to be in your home – the joy they will feel.

To be considered for a foster, please read the following requirements to be able to foster for Save-A-Pet.

  • Must be at least 21 years of age

  • Live within an hour of Save-A-Pet shelter

  • Willing to transport pet to veterinary appointments and adoption days as needed

  • Home is owned, or landlord allows pets (landlord will be contacted to confirm)

  • Everyone in the foster home are in agreement of fostering

  • If anyone in the home has allergies, the foster animal can be kept separate

  • Ability to totally separate foster pet from other pet(s) if needed

  • In case of emergency, another person is available to transport animal in case of emergency if you are unavailable.

Application must be completed in its entirety and a photo of your government issued Identification provided.