Each year, Save-A-Pet rescues and cares for thousands of unwanted and homeless animals, so we truly depend on our dedicated volunteers, who are the cornerstone of our operation, to provide support for all of our programs and to improve the lives of animals in our shelter.

We are always looking for compassionate, animal-loving volunteers and have many rewarding volunteer opportunities … there’s something for everyone!

Cat Care Volunteers: Cats and kittens need lots of loving attention to help them adjust to their temporary shelter home. Would you like to be the one to give it to them? We do require orientation before volunteering to care for cats can begin, as each cat has specific needs. Some of the duties as a cat care volunteer are feeding, cleaning cages, crates, and litter pans, and dispensing medications. Basic knowledge of cats is helpful. Orientation is required prior to volunteering.

Dog care volunteers: Have you ever seen a dog’s face light up when they see you on a regular basis? As a dog care volunteer you will see it every day you are at the shelter, spending time with the individual dogs and taking care of duties which include feeding, cleaning kennels, both inside and outside exercise enclosures, bathing dogs, administering medicine, laundering their bedding, and taking them for short walks. Every moment you are volunteering, you will see a tail wag, hear a happy bark or the deep affection of grateful dogs.

Dog Obedience Training Volunteers: Dogs in the shelter need regular exercise and affection just as we do! Some also need help with their manners, so as a Dog Obedience Training volunteer, you will help teach basic commands and give them much needed social interaction, so we encourage our volunteers to spend quality time with our canine buddies. The more social they are, the better their chances for adoption.

Requirements for Dog Obedience Training Volunteers:

  • You must be physically able to handle large and enthusiastic dogs.
  • Commitment of at least a 8 hours each month.
  • Attend orientation.
  • Attend training sessions, which are generally assigned within the same month.

Building and maintenance Volunteers: Good with repairing fences? Experienced with building? Enjoy landscaping? Like to freshen up areas with a new coat of paint? If you have these skills, we have the work for you and welcome your help!

Feral cat colony feeders: Feral cats are not socialized to people and because they are not candidates for adoption, they require a different kind of care. We have colonies on Long Island that we take care of and often need volunteers to go out to feed and provide fresh water to these often-ignored cats. The ability to carry bags of food and heavy containers of water is required as is the ability to install cat houses and shovel snow, if necessary, to help the cats in the winter months.

TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) Volunteers: As a Trap-Neuter-Release volunteer, you will help feral cats by humanely trapping them with box traps, bringing them to Save-A-Pet to be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, ear-tipped (the universal sign that a feral cat has been neutered and vaccinated), and then return them safely to their outdoor home.

Pet Therapy Volunteers: Can you imagine what your life would be like without your devoted pet by your side? Many seniors living in assisted living homes find themselves in just that exact position, missing the comfort of their cat or dog. Pet Therapy Volunteers and their pets help with this by visiting an assisted living home every other Sunday for a few hours, bringing joy and good memories to the residents.

Education and fundraising Volunteers: Is educating and bringing about public awareness on issues that affect animals while promoting our lifesaving work something that would interest you? As a public awareness and Education volunteer you will have extensive interaction with the general public on areas such as puppy mills, animal fighting, identifying cruelty together with educating about responsible ownership and the necessity of spay/neuter, heart worm testing and preventatives and routine medical. You will inform the public of Save-A-Pet’s mission and work and will be an essential part of helping to generate funding for our programs through direct fundraising. It is a fun way to interact with people and help animals. We provide the handouts and all the support you need to be successful for innocent animals.

Education volunteers also visit and give presentations at schools, to help teach youth pet responsibility and the importance of compassion towards all life.

Transport Volunteers: Would you enjoy driving a few, or even sometimes several hundred miles, to help and save a pet? We often need pets transported both on Long Island and from locations in other states to the shelter. There is nothing quite like spending time on the open road with an animal that weeks, and possibly even days before, may have been in a fight for life, and you are transporting them into their new and happy future.

Save-A-Pet…Compassion is our compass!


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