On September 5, 2018, Suffolk County, NY legislature will be voting on a Resolution designed to Improve the regulations of pet dealers in Suffolk County, NY. Under Resolution 1538, no animal shall be offered for sale by a pet dealer or pet store unless the animal is at least eight weeks old, is in good health, and has been weaned from its mother, and was raised and is being maintained in a healthy and safe manner. No pet dealer or pet store shall transfer an animal to an individual or entity as an adoption unless the animal was sourced from a municipal shelter within Suffolk County. Animals shall not be bartered, traded or given away.

Resolution 1538 consists of the following components designed to protect the consumer and the animals sold in pet stores to help stop the spread of disease and unethical predatory practices both are subjected to.

1. Isolation

Upon arrival, pet dealers are to place all animals received from breeders and brokers in isolation for a minimum of seven (7) days.

2. New York State licensed veterinarian examination

Animals are to be examined by a New York State licensed veterinarian on day 4 of isolation, for which all age appropriate tests will be conducted based on the animal’s age and breed. A report will be issued upon the completion of the examination, signed by the veterinarian, Upon completing the examination, a report, signed by the veterinarian, shall be issued to the pet and will contain:

  • condition of the animal on the date of examination, including any medical or physical conditions present in the animal
  • illnesses the animal has or has had
  • diagnoses for the animal
  • veterinary treatments, including vaccines and/or medications provided to the animal.

Veterinarian must certify, in writing, if animal is fit for sale in New York State at the time of inspection. This report will be made available to prospective owners as a part of the animal’s medical history.

If an animal tests positive for a communicable disease, the animal must receive treatment from the veterinarian and remain in isolation until appropriate testing comes back negative and the animal is found to be healthy by the veterinarian.

3. Records

Pet dealers will be required to maintain all veterinarian reports on animals for a period of two (2) years and reports to be provided to the Department of Labor, Licensing and Consumer.

4. Financing / Leasing of pets

Pet dealers or pet stores may not offer financing options for purchase of pets to customers, including loans or store-based credit cards or agreement for short-term use of an animal or under lease or rental terms or installment payment plans of any kind unless the form of payment is a major credit card not associated with a specific retailer.

5. Identification Cage Tags

Any primary animal enclosure shall have a tag for each animal to provide the consumer with the following:

  • Breed of the animal, if known
  • Sex of the animal
  • Color or other identifying markers
  • Date of birth
  • The name, state and USDA license number of the breeder; and the name, state and USDA license number of the broker (if applicable)
  • The price of the animal

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