Save-A-Pet South Paw has three main objectives:

  • Provide safe removal of dogs out of high kill shelters and adoption into loving homes.
  • Accomplish reduction in the number of unwanted pets through routine spay and neuter clinics.
  • Work to improve treatment of animals through education of adults and youth.

In many southern states, there are few laws to protect companion animals who silently cry out for help. Sadly, they are rarely heard. They are abandoned, neglected and abused, and with shelters continuously overflowing with unwanted animals, innocent lives are extinguished at an alarming high rate. Their voices forever silenced.

In areas where Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is active, the fate is immediately sealed for dogs whose only crime is being or resembling a breed that is judged as a whole, based on an unfair bias, as opposed individuality. Once in a shelter, these dogs stand no chance for a tomorrow, unless a rescue steps up.

Save-A-Pet South Paw is working in the southern states to help change the current course and provide new, positive direction in saving animals through partnerships with area rescues and shelters to get dogs out of high-kill shelters and into loving homes.

To combat the heavy pet overpopulation in these areas, where funding and resources are lacking, we are working to implement spay/neuter services to prevent more unwanted animals and providing education on responsible pet ownership. Through this education, we will be speaking with owners, and as well as bringing the message to class rooms, to promote responsible pet ownership , and to teach the youth of today how to be the voice for animals tomorrow.

Donations to Save-A-Pet South Paw will not only save lives, it will change them. Donate today.

At Save-A-Pet, “Compassion is our Compass”


10 years old, pregnant and surrendered to a kill shelter in North Carolina, Layla had no way out of the county where her breed was banned (BSL). After years of neglect, her betrayal was complete.  However, with but a few hours to spare, we had Layla on transport to New York.  Due to her poor health, her puppies didn’t survive, but we got her healthy, treated for heart worm and today, Layla is living the life of a much-loved queen.


From Rags to Riches. We rescued this little raggedy motley Mott from Texas and brought him to New York where he is now living a very happy ever after!


Slated to die in Louisiana — several orphaned puppies and older, neglected dogs, they all escaped the end and left on transport in the nick of time. All were medically treated and now know what it means to be loved and cared for.


This little blind and deaf Char-pei was in a high-kill shelter in Alabama, where he waited…..and waited, but no one was interested in giving him a home. When tornados hit, room was needed for displaced animals and Kipper’s stay of execution was up. We made sure that didn’t happen. Kipper is safe at our shelter on Long Island and hopefully soon, he will have his happy ever after! )Several other dogs who were to be destroyed for space also were on transport and are now in loving homes.)