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Our Clinic was originally created to spay and neuter feral cats as part of its Trap, Neuter and Return (TNR) program to help with the epidemic of feral cat overpopulation on Long Island. TNR is the only proven and humane method of curbing the epidemic of feral cats.

We have expanded the clinic to include low cost spay/neuter for owned cats and dogs as a community service for pet owners who may not be able to afford the same services at a private veterinarian.  Our clinic staff is caring and compassionate and treats every animal with TLC! All animals are given pain medications and are monitored throughout the day.

Your animal will be spending the day with us. Drop off is at time of booking and all animals must be picked up by 4:30

2024 Pricing

Low Cost Vaccinations and testing:

  • Wellness Exam: $30
  • Vaccines: $35 each for dogs/cats
  • FIV/FELV tests for cats $45
  • Heart worm tests for dogs $45
  • Microchipping $50

Clinic Services pricing:

Cat spay $130, Cat neuter $100

Additional Fees:

  • Pregnant or In-heat Spay – $35.00*
  • Mucometra or Pyometra-$35*
  • Retained Testicle – $50*
  • Hernia Repair-$50*
  • Feral cat pre-surgical and/or recuperation boarding: $15 per day

Dog Spays:

0-20 lbs: $230,     21-40 lbs: $250,    41-60 lbs: $275   61-80 lbs:$300,   81-100 lbs:$325,   101-120 lbs: $375, 121-140: $450

Dog Neuters:

0-20 lbs: $200,   21-40 lbs:$225,     41-60 lbs: $250,    61-80 lbs:$275,   81-100 lbs: $300,   101-120 lbs: $350, 121-140 lbs: $400

Additional Fees for Dogs:

  • In-heat or obese Spay – $75*
  • Mucometra or Pyometra-$50*
  • Retained Testicle – $50*
  • Hernia Repair-$75*
  • IV Catheter for dogs 5 and over (required)-$45
  • Wellness exam- $30

Pre-blood work is suggested to ensure that there are no underlying conditions that could cause a problem during surgery. Pre-bloods $55 and exams $30 must be done the week prior to surgery and are required for all animals 5 years and up.

*Fees for in heat, uterine infection(mucometra, pyometra), retained testicle and hernia repair are dependent on individual surgery. 

Appointments for the clinic are required and must be scheduled in advance.

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Please keep your appointments or cancel asap.  A $50 charge will be applied for any appointments not cancelled a minimum of 24 hours in advance

Surgery Day:

Feral cats-must come in traps!

  • Cats may be boarded for pre or post surgery for $15.00 per night.
  • Cats in traps must come with hard plastic carriers for the cats to wake up in.
  • spay/neuter includes rabies vaccine and FVRCP vaccine and left ear tip

Private cats and dogs

  • Cats must be in hard plastic carriers  (bring carrier) and labeled with owner’s name. Dogs must be leashed
  • If your female dog is over 80 lbs. please call us at 631-473-6333 to ensure we have plenty of time on the day you selected
  • No food/water after midnight before surgery!


Clinic is located at in the rear building at:
608 Route 112
Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776