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Hey there! Just sending a wonderful photo of miss princess who was adopted on October 29th by my father. She is the pomeranian who had her leg amputated..well I have to say you would never be able to tell with her energy! She loves to run and go on car rides and is such a blessing to our family. I just wanted to thank you guys for saving her and allowing us to treat her like the royalty that she is!


Katlee Ridley

Save-A-Pet happy ending

Rudy.. aka Brewster is loving his new family and home❤Thank you Save A Pet!

Linda Kata Patsakos


We adopted George from Save-A-Pet and thought you would like an update. George is so happy here and everyone loves him!!!
Have a great holiday!


Geeorge's new family


Here is Big Shot waiting for the Santa fire truck 😍

Kristen Jackson Steinmann

Tucker (Roo) loves his new bed!

Rich DelGiorno

Joey romping in the new year, sent in by his mom.

Nancy Fogg


They are so lovey dovey…but very mischievous lol

Sarah Manger

Thought you’d like to know that the former Theodore and Simon, now Ollie and Cuddles, are doing great!! We couldn’t love them more!! Cuddles is a big time cuddler and hugger and loves to play fetch and Ollie loves to hang out on our shoulder or lap, raising his head up for kisses and snuggles and is as easy going as can be. We adopted around Easter time this year. Thank you for allowing us to give them their forever loving home

Dianne Faria

Faria pet love

I would love for you guys to share these pictures of my two boys! We rescued Dexter about 2 weeks before I gave birth to my son. They have been best friends ever since my baby came home. I think people need to see how loving pit bulls can be and maybe this will make people realize that they are loving beautiful animals when they are treated with love! I love my little pit bull Dexter so much and he’s the best big brother to my Nicholas! Thank you Save-a Pet for letting me love this animal and giving him a loving home.

Hi I just wanted to let you know how Larry is doing. I adopted him 2 weeks ago and he is the most lovable little boy. He came to me when I was having a hard time and has rescued me! He is so happy and such a good puppy. We all love him very much.

Kristie, Farmingville, NY

We’ve had Roscoe (formerly known as LP) for about 2 weeks now and we can’t remember life without him. He was shy at first but quickly warmed up and now has us all wrapped around his tiny paws :). He loves to take long walks and does a cute little “happy dance” anytime one of us comes through the door. He has already slept in every bed in the house and we just thrilled with our new family member.

Anne, Shoreham, NY

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Hi I thought you would like to see a current picture of Jinx. He has brightened the past eight years so much for me. He is a gentle giant. Sweet, playful and very affectionate.

So along with Gremlin and Gizmo (twin girls -they have reached 20 years old), Sox also 8 years old and his anniversary is next month, each one adopted through Save-A-Pet.

Cherie McEwen

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