They are born into a world of neglect, where the price they bring is more important than their care and comfort.   But that calloused greed continues when they are pulled from their poor, overbred mothers to be sold at pet stores.  But the puppy mill and the pet stores are just the beginning and the end – and what is mostly focused on.  But what about the in-between?

Transport is another big part of the cruel puppy mill to pet store pipeline.  Puppies born in U.S. puppy mills are generally taken to a broker in the Midwest, who then transports them to the retail pet stores, often times thousands of miles away.  These transport vehicles generally have more than 100 puppies and, depending on the destination, the puppies could be in crates, forced to lay in their own waste, with no opportunity to get out, for several days.

During transport, these puppies often are subjected to extreme heat or cold, and being just like babies,  their immune systems are not developed.  For them to be exposed to such conditions is nothing short of cruel suffering.  And for those puppies with short, flat snouts, like English and French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers, extreme heat is especially dangerous due to these breeds being prone to Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome — a condition that causes breathing difficulties and life-threatening respiratory distress.

This last July, during a routine traffic stop in Texarkana, Texas State troopers discovered 28 French Bulldog puppies crated in moving truck with no air conditioning.  It was 121 degrees in the back of the van where the puppies were without water and struggling to breathe.   One puppy was already dead, and five more died after being rescued.  The puppies had been flown from a puppy mill in the Ukraine to Chicago where they were then put in the back of a moving van in the heat of the summer to be driven over 1000 miles to Houston.  The two drivers were charged with 28 counts of animal cruelty.

It wasn’t clear if the puppies were  to be sold in a pet store or online, but they were victims and an example of the pet industry putting profit before well-being of animals, in the often forgotten link in pipeline of the puppy business.

Don’t shop.  Adopt.  And bring an end to animals suffering for profit.


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