Bonnie is a casualty of war! When 19 dogs came from a police seize and rescue in Texas, where animals were abused, over-bred and barely fed.  Puppies were sold to anyone and everyone.  Bonnie was already pregnant and at the shelter, and the first on the kill list when all the dogs, rabbits and chickens came in. Bonnie and many other pregnant dogs will soon be on their way to Save-A-Pet.  They will go into foster until the puppies are born and weaned!

We will need help with Bonnie. Please consider sponsoring her care and the care of her puppies.  Their lives depend on all of us.

You can help Bonnie and her soon to be family by sponsoring their care. Please go to

We are open 7 days a week, Monday to Saturday, 11-5, and Sunday, 12-4. Save-A-Pet is located at 608 Route 112, Port Jefferson Station, NY.